Instructors' Info


Dan Boyle - Chief Instructor & Master of Martial Arts

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  • Local business owner - Coronado Training Center Gym and Martial Arts Training Center

  • Original and 4-time Judge of Coronado's Talent

  • 9-time Martial Arts Hall of Fame Nominee

  • 1984 NCAA Baseball Tournament Player


Kaitlin - Personal Training, Fitness Classes

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Kaitlin is a Certified Personal Trainer, BOSU Master Trainer, Specialist in Exercise Therapy, Virtual Health & Wellness Coach and Mental Health Warrior! She is well known by her clients, class participants...and over 225K Instagram followers...for her functional, yet creative, approach to fitness and her fun, yet challenging, workouts. 

Her life was changed forever when she realized the benefits that came along with a proper diet and regular exercise routine, so enjoys inspiring others to have fun, try new things, and allow the body to naturally follow its path to health & wellness! When she's not training or teaching, she's enjoying time with her family and rescue animals.