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Instructors' Info

Dan's Instructor Bio

Dan Boyle - Chief Instructor & Master of Martial Arts

Screen Shot 2018-12-25 at 10.20.32
  • Local business owner - Coronado Training Center Gym and Martial Arts Training Center

  • Original and 4-time Judge of Coronado's Talent

  • 9-time Martial Arts Hall of Fame Nominee

  • 1984 NCAA Baseball Tournament Player

Kaitlin Bio Anchor

Kaitlin - Personal Training, Fitness Classes

Kaitlyn new pic.jpeg

Kaitlin is a Certified Personal Trainer, BOSU Master Trainer, Specialist in Exercise Therapy, Virtual Health & Wellness Coach and Mental Health Warrior! She is well known by her clients, class participants...and over 225K Instagram followers...for her functional, yet creative, approach to fitness and her fun, yet challenging, workouts. 

Her life was changed forever when she realized the benefits that came along with a proper diet and regular exercise routine, so enjoys inspiring others to have fun, try new things, and allow the body to naturally follow its path to health & wellness! When she's not training or teaching, she's enjoying time with her family and rescue animals. 

Cassandra Berger - Personal Training


I am 26 years old and I am originally from New Milford Connecticut. I attended Lasell College and received a bachelors in Athletic Training in 2017. Upon graduation I moved to Coronado and have been here ever since. I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach through the NSCA. I have a background in injury prevention, diagnosis, and rehabilitation. I love sports, outdoors, and good food.

Tatum - Personal Training


After being a competitive dancer for 10 years I quickly turned that drive and passion for dance towards fitness. It was time to retire the ballet shoes and open up a whole new journey of learning how to lead a balanced healthy lifestyle. I studied through the National Academy of Sports Medicine to earn my personal trainers license and other certifications to begin my fitness career. I love nothing more than to inspire, teach, and encourage others on their fitness journey and help them achieve their healthiest and happiest self. 


My overall mind and body have been forever changed by my health and fitness journey and I want to help others receive that gift as well. Our mind and body thank us when we take care of them and I hope to inspire those around me that no matter if its 25 minutes or an hour, we all have time to make ourselves a priority each day. I strive to teach others not only how to physically workout and gain strength, but also how to listen to our bodies and fuel ourselves with food that our bodies thank us for. I want to help take away the stigma that a healthy lifestyle has to be strict and boring, but rather redefine what living a healthy lifestyle looks like and show that it can still involve going out to eat with friends, traveling, and cooking yummy recipes with the right ingredient swaps. If I am not in the gym, you can find me enjoying lots of sunshine, being in the ocean, stretching, dancing around my kitchen while I cook vegan meals and spending time with friends and family. 

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