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To Dan Boyle,

We saw how you were training the youth and were very impressed with what a wonderful training you are giving to all people. Thank you for helping the youth have a training to be proud of.  Yours truly, Nancy Cox (Joe Rivera's Grandmother)

From Elise -


“Kaitlin is truly the best! She is so kind and friendly, but also extremely knowledgeable about the body and training, and how to maximize your time and energy for the best results! She is always super accommodating, so no need to worry if you have an injury or any issue, she works around it and makes your session even better than you imagined. I absolutely loved working with Kaitlin, and totally recommend her to anyone, of any age, at any stage of their fitness journey - she can do it all! You won’t be disappointed!”

From   Emily Bosworth:

"I have been taking kickboxing lessons from Coach Dan Boyle at Coronado Training Center for several years now.  Initially I was reluctant to try it because I thought it “wasn’t really my thing” and that I would have to be a rough and tumble type of person to enjoy it.  Boy was I wrong. I agreed to take one class at the encouragement of a friend and I was instantly hooked. Kickboxing has improved my life in numerous ways both physically and mentally.  My physical strength, flexibility and overall fitness level has improved dramatically since starting kickboxing. More importantly, kickboxing provides a mental release that I have not found in any other form of physical exercise (and I have tried a lot of different ones)!  The act of punching and kicking those bags provides an acceptable way for me to take out the frustrations that occur naturally in my daily life as a mother of three busy teenagers. Additionally, the skills that I have learned through kickboxing such as self-awareness, situational awareness, the use of proper technique in kicking and punching, and effective means of self-defense have dramatically improved my self confidence.  Through kickboxing I have learned that I can handle myself in many situations that might threaten my personal safety or that of my family. Coach Dan Boyle has been instrumental in all of this. He is always changing up our workouts to keep them fresh, engaging and relevant. He is excellent at reading his students and adapting to their mood and readiness on any given day. He keeps things fun while making sure we get the most out of every class.  Most importantly, he makes a point to always relate new skills to how they can be useful in real life. I honestly can’t imagine my life without kickboxing.


Last year, our teenage son began taking the Muay Thai Kickboxing class at Coronado Training Center twice a week.  Everything I said about the impact kickboxing has had on my life applies equally to our son. Through Muay Thai kickboxing we have watched our son grow physically and mentally stronger, as well as more mature and more confident.  Through Coach Dan’s mentoring our son has become more serious about improving his physical and mental well being, and all aspects of his life have been impacted in a positive way. And really, what could be a better way to channel the hormonal fluctuations and frustrations of being a teenager than kicking and punching a bag a couple of times a week?  Our family is so grateful for Coach Dan Boyle and the Coronado Training Center, and we would highly recommend them to anyone."


From Anne


“Working out with Kaitlin was both fun and challenging. I don’t think we ever did the same workout twice. And, after three months I could see a difference in my muscle tone. And she is a fanatic about making sure form is correct to avoid injuries. I would recommend her without hesitation.” 


From a Coronado parent wishing to remain anonymous:

"Coming from an extensive background as a physical trainer and coach for both youth and adult athletics, Dan Boyle is quite probably one of the best children's group instructors I have ever seen. Using a delicate balance of encouragement, discipline, and humor, Dan leads an extremely professional and engaging children's Tae Kwon Do class. It's absolutely amazing to see how well all of the kids respond to his instruction. He commands an amazing amount of respect from his classes - setting high - yet achievable - goals for each and every one of his students. He ensures that they receive the necessary encouragement and continuous feedback they need in order to succeed. And most importantly - his students laugh and have a lot of fun while they're learning Tae Kwon Do. Dan's instruction strikes the perfect balance between discipline, respect, teamwork and fun. 

Since beginning Tae Kwon Do classes at Coronado Training Center just two months ago, we've seen a remarkable increase in our daughter's ability to focus on tasks and to concentrate on the skills that are harder for her to master. The classes have bolstered her sense of self-confidence and self-reliance and have reinforced her willingness to achieve her goals. She thoroughly enjoys the class!"

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